League City Texas Real Estate and Community Information

Deep in the southwestern part of Texas lies a town with a population of roughly 84,000 residents as of the census that was taken in 2010. This resort town of League City is located on Clear Lake, making it a popular resort destination for people all over Texas. Properties in this resort town offers you a style that surpasses any idea you had about homes in Texas. Contact Gun Ledbetter Frame today to find the right real estate that will exceed all of your expectations.

Town History

19130346.jpgIn 1873 the first settlers arrived where the city lies today. It was first settled by three different families in three different locations throughout the town. The town was the source of many feuds over the name although the name was eventually settled and the town was incorporated. In 1907 the town decided that they wanted to begin making a bright future for the town which is when two flatcars were left by the tracks that were stocked with trees that the residents of town planted wherever they desired. This was the beginning of a beautiful town.

Parks and Cultural Services

The parks department in this southwestern Texas town offers a multicultural department that provides various programs and opportunities for everyone regardless of ethnicity. Here, the parks department encourages everyone to learn and embrace cultural differences and learn about where others have come from.

The department has links to information including sports programs, seasonal programs and the contact information to those who are in charge of the programs.  Programs offered include various parks and pools located throughout the city as well as sports leagues for kids and adults.

Attractions and Events

146057480.jpgThere are many attractions throughout the city. The most popular is that of the boat launch where you can go fishing on the dock or go boating on the lake. Everyone enjoys the fishing, water skiing and floating on the lake virtually all year long. If water doesn’t float your boat, there is also a world class golf course located on the lake as well so you can enjoy golfing, swimming or just relaxing on the beach. Here, there is no shortfall of activities and things to do; regardless of your tastes.

League City is a resort town that provides you with the luxuries that are not typically found in inland Texas. Here you will enjoy all that the town has to offer while you are essentially living in paradise. This town is one of a kind in that most Texas towns are stuffed with longhorns and farms not beaches and golf courses. If you have been looking for a new home with a little luxury in Texas, then look no further; here you will find the home for you. Contact Gun Ledbetter Frame to get started on your search for the perfect real estate today!
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